Camagru: Embracing Web Development the 42 School / Hive Helsinki Way

Camagru, a photo-sharing web application, marked the beginning of my journey into web development at the 42 School / Hive Helsinki. Built from scratch using PHP and vanilla JavaScript, Camagru presented a unique opportunity to learn and grow as a developer. In this blog post, I'll share the invaluable lessons I've learned from building Camagru, focusing on technology, problem-solving, and personal growth.

Mastering Full-Stack Development:

Camagru provided a comprehensive introduction to full-stack development, exposing me to both frontend and backend technologies. By dividing the project into smaller tasks, such as user authentication, image uploading, and commenting, I learned various technologies and techniques methodically and gained a deeper understanding of the client-server model.

Diving into Frontend Technologies:

Camagru introduced me to essential frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I learned how to create responsive layouts, style components, and implement interactivity, setting the stage for future web development projects.

Delving into Backend Technologies:

On the backend, I learned the basics of PHP and MySQL for server-side processing and database management. From handling form submissions to creating database schemas, I gained hands-on experience with server-side scripting and data manipulation.

Emphasizing User Authentication and Security:

Building Camagru required a robust user authentication system, teaching me the importance of securing user data. I learned how to implement features like password hashing, email verification, and session management to protect user accounts and ensure a secure experience.

Implementing Image Manipulation and Storage:

As a photo-sharing app, Camagru necessitated image manipulation and storage functionality. I learned how to use the HTML5 Canvas API and JavaScript for image editing, as well as techniques for storing and retrieving images from the server, providing valuable insights into handling media files and delivering content efficiently.

Developing Debugging and Problem Solving Skills:

Developing Camagru was filled with challenges, which helped hone my debugging and problem-solving skills. From tackling complex issues to understanding error messages, this project tested my perseverance and resilience as a developer.

Prioritizing Code Readability and Maintainability:

Throughout the development of Camagru, I focused on writing clean, maintainable, and readable code. By adhering to best practices and using version control systems like Git, I ensured the long-term success and maintainability of the project. Conclusion:

Building Camagru was a transformative experience, teaching me not only technical skills but also the importance of problem-solving, perseverance, and adaptability. As my first web app built from scratch, Camagru set the foundation for my journey as a web developer. As I move forward and tackle new projects, I am grateful for the lessons learned from Camagru and am eager to continue growing and expanding my skills in the exciting world of web development.